Wing Extremism

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We call anti-migrant hostility ‘right-wing extremism’ on the streets, but what about when it comes from the state? Recent deportations to Jamaica are proving that it’s still open season on.

The ADL’s extremism statistics make it seem like ultraright-wing violence in the US is more common than it actually is Anthony L. Fisher 2020-04-24T13:45:20Z

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The number of potential right-wing extremists in the North East is on the rise – and is the highest in the country. There were 308 people in the region referred to the Government’s anti-extremism Prevent programme in 2018/19 because of concerns over right-wing radicalisation, accounting for almost a quarter of all right-wing referrals in England and Wales.


given the fact that many parties that were originally labeled right-wing extremist tended to advance neoliberal and free market agendas as late as the 1980s,

Right-wing extremism and the Covid-19 crisis No one needs to be brought up to date on the devastation already wrought by Covid-19, in the United States, in Europe, and in other parts of the world, and more is almost certain to come in the next two years. The virus is highly contagious in social settings — not as contagious as measles, but more so than other viral diseases. It has a.

A Norwegian man suspected of killing his ethnic Chinese stepsister and then opening fire in an Oslo mosque says he acted out.

The German government extended its ban on Hezbollah’s armed wing to cover the entire group on Thursday and launched a series.

A fringe protest group of extremists from the left and right of the political spectrum is plotting further rallies against.

CTED has been alerted by Member States to their increasing concern at the growing and increasingly transnational threat posed by extreme right-wing terrorism.

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In the 1990s, right-wing extremism overtook left-wing terrorism as the most dangerous domestic terrorist threat to the United States. During the past several years.

U.S. sees steady rise in violent right-wing extremismLeft-wing extremists endeavour to overcome the existing state and social order by replacing democracy with a communist or anarchist system. To this end, they.

20 Apr 2020.

Right Wing Extremism In Europe: Case Studies from Germany. Arie Kruglanski and David Webber have conducted extensive empirical.

19/03/2019  · Since 2012-13, the number of extreme right wing individuals receiving support has increased almost 300%, while the number of Islamist extremists has increased by 80%. Germany and the Netherlands

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